Matcha and Yoga

matcha and yoga

Matcha and Yoga : A Match Made in Heaven

While many people think that yoga is only a physical exercise, it is also a form of meditation that is proven to help in bringing out inner peace.

You know what else is made for meditation? Matcha Green Tea.

A Zen Buddhist monks introduced matcha into Japanese culture to help with their meditation. Matcha and yoga is a match made in heaven.

Drinking a cup of matcha before a yoga session will further enhance the efficiency of the session like nothing else. So, why matcha is a great choice for yoga and meditation?

1. Unlocks a new state of mind



The vast amount of amino acid called L-theanine in Matcha is a wonderful stress reliever and it provides a sense of cognitive synergy.

As a result, it promotes alpha-wave production in the brain which is precisely what we want to achieve with yoga and meditation.

2. Energizes and reinvigorates


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Some people think decaffeinated drinks are the best for health benefits. The truth is the caffeine levels and tannin levels in matcha are ideal.

As a result, a cup of matcha can make us alert for a morning yoga session without getting over-stimulated. Rather than taking coffee to kickstart your session, now you can go for matcha as a better alternative.

3. Calming and relaxing effect


Similar to how yoga is a way for someone to find an inner peace, matcha will bring it to a whole new level. Unlike coffee, caffeine in Matcha does not give jitters or headaches.

Thanks to the vast amount of L-theanine in KIKU™ Superior Matcha that slows down the release of tea-caffeine while keeping you calm and consequently relaxed.

4. Improves focus and relaxes muscles



Focus and relaxed muscles are two vital components for yoga. Matcha do wonders by improving focus and you can be ‘in the moment’ without a single mental distraction.

Since Matcha has 10 times more antioxidants as compared to the regular green tea, drinkers are more likely to burn fat through the gentle yoga exercises.

When it comes to a truly beneficial yoga session, it’s all about the potency of matcha that you consume.

Our genuine antioxidant provider, Kiku™ Superior Grade Matcha could be the key to achieve your long search peace of mind during your very yoga session.

Try it out yourself today, and you’ll experience the difference.

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