YURI™ Matcha is a unique grade in our artisan Matcha range, 100% pure stone-ground Matcha powder tailored exclusively for the sole purpose of mixing and blending.

Grown to have more pronounced aroma, subtle umami with slight intensity; it combines exceptionally well with other elements, leaving the Matcha creation in a perfect harmony. Best use for various Matcha beverages (Matcha latte, cold brew, cocktail, etc.), desserts and pastries.

‘Proven baristas’ and patisserie’s No.1 choice.’

Taste Profile



Astringency (Strength)



YURI™ Matcha Is Perfect If you Are
Home Baker
Cafe Lover

Best For
Matcha Beverages
(Latte, Smoothies, Ice Blended, Frappe, Cold Brew Tea, etc)
Culinary Arts

Comes in TSUBOMI™ Exclusive Foldable Envelope.

100% finely grounded premium green tea leaves (powder).

Net Weight
80g  (Makes 20 servings of Matcha Latte)

Storage note
Store in refrigerator before and after opening. Keep away from moisture, sunlight, and odours.

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  • Customer Reviews

Matcha Cherry Cake
“Tried several Matcha powders, but we have been using YURI™ Matcha since they introduced it to us. Simply the best!”
Yani Othman
The Kitchen Guardian / The Hyacinth Cafe


Matcha Latte
“Our Matcha and Houjicha drinks are from Niko Neko and it’s one of the purest we can find in the market, and we are glad to share it with our customers, a great drink for non-coffee lovers!”
The Red Beanbag Cafe


Matcha Mango Crumble Loaf
“We love the contrast and flavor of YURI™ Matcha with our Matcha Mango Crumble Loaf Cake (fruity, sweetness).”

Cake Jalan Tiung


Matcha Latte
“I did make matcha latte a few days ago for myself using YURI Matcha. It was so aromatic and full bodies yet not overpowering. Also refreshing at the same time. So much better than what i used to get STARBUCKS. :p”


Vegan Matcha Ice Cream
“We tried a few other matcha brands, but none of them worked with our recipe as good as YURI™ Matcha. Their finely milled green tea powder blends in so beautifully into our nut milk based ice cream. The green tea taste is subtle and complements the coconut very well. It’s no wonder the Niko Neko matcha coconut flavour has become one of our best sellers.”
Serina Bajaj
Kind Kones


Matcha Latte
“the BEST Matcha. We use YURI™ Matcha for our Matcha Latte! 100% 100% 100%!”
Jaslyn Cakes


Matcha Latte
“…tastes rich and looks soooo good.”

Cake Jalan Tiung


Matcha Pomegranate Tart
“I like using YURI™ Matcha because of the quality and the service. I find that matcha is sensitive in its quality so if I use a poor grade matcha powder I will have difficulties in making my creations taste great, look great and it affects the texture and shelf life.”
That Last Slice


Matcha Latte
“I always appreciate a good green tea drink. This one’s very nice!”

Imran Ajmain
Kuala Lumpur


Matcha Adzuki Baked Cheesecake
“…I actually had no clue what to do when I first got my hands on YURI™ Matcha. I tried out with various recipes, failing and trying again and found this beautiful combination of Japanese Classic that works perfectly together with Sour cream as a Slow baked Cheesecake. The result was higher than my expectation, as the quality of the YURI™ Matcha powder is probably the finest I’ve ever used.”
95 Degres Art Cafe


Matcha Truffle
“Matcha truffles are very simple to make and it’s definitely a crowd pleaser. I’ve tried a variety matcha powders and have to say, YURI™ Matcha  is very versatile (in baked & unbaked products). It has a very consistent flavour & colour which is important in keeping the standards high!”
Sucree by Preeta


Matcha Black Sesame Butter Cream Cake
“I love the taste and versatility of YURI™ Matcha as well as the vibrant green colour it has.”

Jessica Ting
Miss Shortcakes


Matcha Et Miso Pot De Creme
“I choose YURI™ Matcha as it has a prominent Matcha taste. It has a smooth and pleasant taste which is easy to work with any recipes.”
Aaron Quay
Pretty On Plate Cafe


Matcha Sponge Cake with Coconut Swiss Meringue Buttercream
“I was never into matcha before, I mean…I did try them but I just didn’t get the craze over it. It’s nice and all in my tea, but just not desserts….buttt guys!! Yuri™ Matcha changed that, the subtle earthy taste of YURI™ matcha is just perfect for my desserts fix, bet it’ll be yours too.”


Matcha Butter Cake
“Full of flavor! It’s so soft, fluffy, moist and it got the wonderful deep taste of YURI™ Matcha.”


Matcha Cakes & Matcha Latte
“I think YURI™ Matcha is the best for cakes and bakes, drinks and ice cream. Because before this I tasted so many green tea cakes and I couldn’t even finish it, obviously they didn’t use Niko Neko Matcha. hahah”
Caravan Cafe


Matcha Strawberry Cake
“I got some from my baker friend, and the color turned out so bright! So in love!”
Lynn Rashid


Matcha Chocolate Pie
“Love, love, love your YURI™ Matcha powder!!! It has intense and distinct green tea taste. The gorgeous green color makes it look appealing and no need to use green food coloring at all!!”
Putri Raihanah


Matcha overnight oats
“My morning routine with my YURI™ Matcha overnight oats! Yummy!”
Bites by N

Matcha Latte

  1. Prepare 30 mL of warm water in a cup.
  2. Scoop 2 teaspoon (4g) of YURI™ Matcha, and some white/brown sugar into the cup.
  3. Stir well until all the ingredients are completely mixed, and no visible clumps left.
  4. Add 150 mL of hot / cold fresh milk.

Cold Brew Matcha Tea

  1. Prepare 200 mL of cold water in  a glass.
  2. Scoop 1 teaspoon (2g) of YURI™ Matcha into the glass.
  3. Stir well until Matcha is completely mixed, and no visible clumps left.
  4. Add ice if needed.

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