YUKIWA / Matcha Hand Mixer


Mix Matcha in 5 seconds

Mixing Matcha or any green tea beverage has never been easier with YUKIWA / Hand Mixer.

In only 5 seconds of mixing, you can say goodbye to undissolved Matcha clumps and say hello to velvety, smooth, and creamy Matcha latte!




“Bought a Yukiwa and Yuri powder during MCO, and that was definitely a decision I’ll never regret! There’s recipes included, and with the help of Yukiwa, it makes making a glass of nice matcha something no longer impossible.”  —  Prisca Wong



“YUKIWA is awesome. No more matcha clumps in my drinks. My DIY matcha is extra creamy, fluffy and so yummy. I love it.” hamizahhh



“Easy to handle and makes our drink taste better without lumps.” leenda_lim

Why use YUKIWA / Hand Mixer?

Mix Matcha in 5 Seconds

Yes, that is the only time you would need to mix your Matcha powder to make any kind of beverage. YUKIWA ensures you can brew your favorite Matcha lattes or teas extra fast.


No More Matcha Clumps in Your Drink

Apart from using high quality Matcha powder, it is extremely important to use proper tools that can remove any undissolved matcha clumps when making your Matcha latte.

Unlike when using a teaspoon or metal whisk, YUKIWA makes sure your matcha mixture is completely and evenly blended leaving no clumps or bitter aftertaste behind.


Extra Creamy & Fluffy Matcha Latte

YUKIWA’s specially designed spinning head is able to pull extra air during mixing as compared to a typical mixer resulting in a super creamy and fluffy matcha latte.


A 3-month warranty from the date of purchase will be covered for manufacturing defective products only. Any related malfunction(s) occurring from daily use, mishandling and/or improper storage will not be covered under this warranty.

*For warranty claim(s), kindly contact us at [email protected]



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1. Is it durable?

Yes, it is very durable, and works well even for regular everyday use. Perfect for home use and excellent for cafe use too!

The YUKIWA has been tested first hand at our concept store for more than a year (and still counting!). After mixing HUNDREDS of drinks per day using YUKIWA / Hand Mixer for our customers, it still works like a champ with no sign of wearing off or malfunctioning. 


2. Does it work well with any type of Matcha powder?

YUKIWA / Hand Mixer is able to mix ANY powder effectively including Houjicha powder, chocolate powder, protein powder and more!


3. Is it easy to use?

Absolutely! All you need are two AA batteries and with just a press of a button, you are ready to make some amazing Matcha drinks! You may refer to recipes and instructions written on the box when you purchase the YUKIWA / Hand Mixer.


4. Is it bulky or difficult to hold?

Not at all! The YUKIWA is built with a slim handle for easy grip and an exclusive soft texture, unlike the typical plastic-cased hand frothers.


5. How should I wash the YUKIWA / Hand Mixer?

Dip the spinning tips into hot water and switch on for a few seconds. Remove from water and continue spinning to dry.

Do not submerge the plastic handle.


6. How long does it take to mix Matcha using YUKIWA?

It takes only 5 seconds to mix your Matcha beverage. Using YUKIWA will ensure a smooth and creamy foam on top of your Matcha tea or latte.


7. Will the Matcha taste the same if I use YUKIWA instead of a chasen (bamboo whisk)?

Yes, Matcha will still taste just as good whether you use YUKIWA / Hand Mixer or ASAGAO / Chasen. YUKIWA is a convenient tool that mixes Matcha in just 5 seconds with just the press of a button. However, if you prefer the traditional method of whisking tea, you may use ASAGAO / Chasen instead.


8. What is the difference if I use YUKIWA / Hand Mixer instead of ASAGAO / Chasen (bamboo whisk)?

Using ASAGAO / Chasen is the traditional method of whisking tea, whereas using YUKIWA / Hand Mixer allows you to mix Matcha simply with a press of a button. 

If you want to make your Matcha tea or latte quickly and conveniently, YUKIWA will be your preferred method!

YUKIWA is also recommended to be used to mix liquid with volume above 100 mL. Smaller volume might cause spillage due to YUKIWA’s powerful spinning capability.