TSUBOMI / Bamboo Chasen Whisk Holder


TSUBOMI / Bamboo Chasen Whisk Holder 

Ensures your Chasen Bamboo Whisk is kept in excellent condition for the best performance and longer lifespan. 

Special Features of TSUBOMI / Chasen Holder

Retains the original shape of Chasen 

Prevent your Chasen from losing its original shape or straightening with TSUBOMI. This holder helps retain the structure of the whisk, which is crucial for effective Matcha whisking and creation of that velvety smooth creamy foam layer. 


Avoids mold growth on Chasen 

After washing your Chasen, it is important for it to be completely dried. Placing it on the TSUBOMI prevents accumulation of water and allows airflow throughout the Chasen, thus preventing mold growth. 


Extends the lifespan of Chasen 

Storing your Chasen with TSUBOMI prevents the deterioration of the whisk, increasing to two or three times its natural lifespan. 



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  1. Is it necessary to use a chasen holder?

The chasen holder is an integral part of caring for your ASAGAO / Chasen. It is designed to retain the curved shape of your ASAGAO / Chasen Bamboo Whisk. Proper storage of ASAGAO / Chasen will also prolong its lifespan, requiring fewer times needed to replace your bamboo whisk.

  1. How do I use TSUBOMI / Chasen Holder?

After preparing matcha tea with ASAGAO / Chasen, rinse the chasen thoroughly before placing onto the TSUBOMI / Chasen Holder. Allow a few hours for chasen to dry naturally.