Single Cultivar Matcha / The Experience Box


Single Cultivar Matcha / The Experience Box

Immerse yourself in a fulfilling experience with our complete range of Single Cultivar Matcha Series consisting of 10 different types of  Ceremonial Matcha, each to their own, none like the other.

10 different Matcha, 10 different experiences.


1. TSUYUHIKARI K1 / Organic Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
2. OKUMIDORI K2 / Organic Ceremonial Matcha (5.5g)
3. ASANOKA K1 / Organic Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
4. SAEMIDORI K1 / Organic Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
5. SAKIMIDORI K1 / Organic Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
6. GOKOU W1 / Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
7. OKUMIDORI W1 / Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
8. ASANOKA W1 / Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
9. SAEMIDORI W1 / Ceremonial Matcha (6g)
10. SAYAMA KAORI W1 / Ceremonial Matcha (6g)



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