Artisan Chasen & Chashaku Set


Tango Tanimura is the head of the 20th generation in the Tanimura family, notable for mastering the traditional techniques of Chasen crafting for almost 500 years. Unlike any other tea whisk, each Tanimura creation is one of a kind, celebrating the art and history of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

With hundreds of years dedicated to perfecting this craft, the Tanimura family seamlessly balances the art of crafting elastic and flexible tips yet carrying great durability and sturdiness, bringing you the best easy-to-use Chasen.


Limited edition NIKO NEKO x TANGO TANIMURA brings you this exquisite creation for the best Matcha brewing experience. With thinly sliced Kurotake bamboo and embraided with delicate Black & White strings, this Chasen has elastic and flexible tips with a great durability and sturdiness.

Special Features of TANGO TANIMURA / Kurotake Chasen

Higher flexibility & durability

Made by Tango Tanimura himself, the wood of this Chasen is sliced thinly, ensuring an all around smooth whisking experience, while upholding it’s durability.


Ensures no powder clumps in your Matcha tea

Allows you to whisk your Matcha tea without leaving any clumps behind, as undissolved Matcha clumps would taste extremely bitter and grainy, something you would never want when you are having your Matcha drink.


Forms a delightful creamy layer

The soft and flexible tips of the Kurotake Chasen ensures a creamy foam on top of your Matcha tea, which would not be achievable with a spoon or metal whisk.



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  1. How do I whisk Matcha with a chasen?

When whisking Matcha with a chasen, first, start off with a slow, circular pattern to loosen up any powder stuck on the bottom or sides of the cup. Once the large clumps are mixed in, whisk vigorously in a W-shape motion.

We recommend whisking your Matcha in 50-75 mL of your choice of liquid (water or milk) for easier whisking.


  1. How long does it take to whisk Matcha using Chasen?

It takes only 10 seconds for the Matcha powder to dissolve. Using TANGO TANIMURA / Kurotake Chasen will ensure a creamy smooth foam on top of your Matcha tea or latte.


  1. How should I wash the chasen after use?

Wipe the chasen tips gently with soap and rinse under running water with hand after use. Pat dry with towel and leave in open air to dry.


  1. How do I store the chasen after use?

After washing your chasen, make sure it is completely dry before storing it away. You may store it in a plastic container or ideally on a whisk holder to keep its shape. If it is not kept in a dry area, mold may start to grow.


  1. How long can the chasen last?

If you prepare Matcha once a day using the chasen, it should last around one year. To prolong the life of your chasen, make sure you follow our tips on how to wash and store your chasen.


  1. My chasen tips have loosened. Can I still use it?

Yes, you can still use it. After a few uses, the tips will straighten out and bend inwards. This is to be expected. To reshape chasen, dip your finger between outer tips and inner tips, then gently bend the outer tips outwards.


  1. What is the difference if I use TANGO TANIMURA / Kurotake Chasen instead of YUKIWA / Hand Mixer?

Using TANGO TANIMURA / Kurotake Chasen is the traditional method of whisking tea, whereas using YUKIWA / Matcha Mixer allows you to mix Matcha simply with a press of a button. With the right technique, whisking Matcha with TANGO TANIMURA / Kurotake Chasen will result in finer and creamier texture foam as compared to YUKIWA / Matcha Mixer.

If you love the traditional method of whisking tea in Japanese Tea Ceremony, we definitely recommend you to purchase TANGO TANIMURA / Kurotake Chasen together with SUMIRE / Scoop!