12 Days Detox / Tea Bag


ASEBI Fukamushicha Tea Bag

Deep-steam processing of the green tea leaves determines its form and flavour; the shape of the leaves are finer, the astringency is suppressed while the body and the umami are maximized.

The enchanting seaweed-esque sweetness and captivating scent will linger in the air, creating a mesmerizing escapade at the back of the tongue even long after the cup is empty.


Artisan Deep-steamed Green Tea


Warm Tea
Cold Brew


Mie, Japan


Medium Umami savoriness


Relieves stomach bloating


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  1. What does 12 Days Detox / Fukamushicha Tea Bag contain?

12 Days Detox / Fukamushicha Tea Bag contains deep steamed green tea leaves.


  1. What is the taste profile of this tea?

ASEBI / Fukamushicha Tea has a brothy umami flavour and date-like sweetness as a result of the deep-steam process of the green tea leaves.


  1. What are the health benefits?

Green tea leaves contain high levels of antioxidants which can promote natural weight loss by increased fat burning, and help to relieve stomach bloating.


  1. When does it expire?

Once opened, it is recommended to consume within 6 months. Store in the refrigerator before and after opening. Always seal tight and keep away from light, heat and moisture.


  1. How many tea bags does it contain?

One jar contains 12 ASEBI / Fukamushicha tea bags.


  1. Can I drink it hot or cold?

It is recommended to make Warm Tea and Cold Brew. To make Warm Tea, we recommend brewing for 1 and half minutes in warm water (55’C).


  1. How many cups can I drink a day?

It is recommended to drink 1-2 cups of tea each day.


  1. When should I drink my cup of ASEBI / Fukamushicha?

It is recommended to consume after your meal. Avoid taking at night if you have low caffeine tolerance or have problems sleeping after drinking tea.


  1. Should I drink it everyday?

It is recommended to have a cup everyday.


  1. What other tea bag flavours do you have?

Here are the 4 varieties in our Beautea Tea Bag series which offer specific health benefits:
– 12 Days Detox / Fukamushicha Tea Bag
– 12 Days Exfoliate / Houjicha Tea Bag
– 12 Days Moisturize / Kukicha Tea Bag
– 12 Days Heart Protector / Genmaicha Tea Bag

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