TSUBAKI / HOUJICHA Powder – 500g


Artisan Roasted Green Tea Powder

Roasted green tea for the non-caffeine drinker. Artisan roasting technique get rids of caffeine in green tea leaving a roasty and smokey flavour, perfect for a coffee substitute.

TSUBAKI / Houjicha Powder simply makes the best Houjicha Latte, pastries and desserts.

Trusted and used by hundreds of our cafe and patisserie customers & clients worldwide.

‘Proven baristas’ and patisserie’s No.1 choice.’

Best For

Any Houjicha Beverage

Taste Profile



Roasty Aroma


Client Reviews



“It has a beautiful aroma and flavour and is extremely versatile”   –   Jessica Ting, Miss Shortcakes



“Flavour just explodes in my mouth!”   –   Syaza, Masak-Masak (B.I.G)



“The smokiness of the product added a nice depth of flavour to the dessert.”   –   Shafinaz, Cake Jalan Tiung



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  1. What is the difference between Matcha and Houjicha?

Matcha is green tea in powdered form, whereas Houjicha is green tea that is roasted and ground into powder form. Hence, Houjicha has a roasty and smoky flavour compared to Matcha.


  1. TSUBAKI / Houjicha tastes different from other Houjicha I’ve tried. Why is that?

Similar to Matcha, Houjicha also comes in different grades and quality. The higher the quality of Houjicha, the higher the nuttiness flavour as opposed to the roastyness.

Our TSUBAKI / Houjicha is particularly equipped with a balanced flavour of both nuttiness and roastiness, making it taste considerably unique as compared to most of the Houjicha in the market, which you would only be able to taste the one-dimensional roasty flavor. 

Another way to know the quality of Houjicha is by the colour. High quality Houjicha powder is light brown / reddish-brown, however, the low quality Houjicha powder is dark brown. The secret of our reddish-brown Houjicha is in the unique roasting process of our green tea leaves. We use a lower temperature, plus shorter roasting time to maintain all the natural, deep nutty flavours in TSUBAKI / Houjicha, resulting in light brown coloured tea leaves, which are then ground into fine delicate powder.


  1. Does Houjicha contain caffeine?

TSUBAKI / Houjicha is a perfect alternative to coffee. Despite it having a roasty coffee flavour, it actually contains very low amounts of caffeine due to the special roasting process of green tea leaves. For those who are sensitive to caffeine, try drinking TSUBAKI / Houjicha!


  1. How long can I keep TSUBAKI / Houjicha powder for?

Once opened, it can last up to 6 months. Store in the refrigerator before and after opening. Always seal tight and keep away from light, heat and moisture.


  1. Can I store it in a separate container?

If you want to store it in a separate container, choose a small non-transparent and air-tight tupperware. You may also use a proper tea canister.


  1. Is Houjicha safe to drink for pregnant women?

Yes, Houjicha is suitable for pregnant women because it has lower caffeine level compared to coffee, along with many health benefits.


  1. How many cups of Houjicha should I drink a day?

It is recommended to drink not more than 3 cups a day.


  1. What tools do I need to make Houjicha tea or latte?

We recommend YUKIWA / Hand Mixer or ASAGAO / Chasen (Bamboo Whisk) to mix your Houjicha powder together in water or milk. Using a spoon to mix is not ideal as it will create undissolved clumps in your drink.


  1. Can I drink Houjicha cold or hot?

Houjicha can be served both cold or warm, both versions taste equally amazing! To prepare warm tea, please use 75’C warm water (not boiling water) in order to bring out the natural flavours of Houjicha (If you use boiling water, it will burn the Houjicha and extract more bitterness flavour).


  1. Does it contain sugar?

No, there is no sugar added to our Houjicha powder. If you prefer a sweeter flavour, you can add sugar or honey to your Houjicha tea or latte.


  1. Can I use TSUBAKI / Houjicha in baking?

Of course! We recommend you to use TSUBAKI / Houjicha in any of your desserts or pastries. TSUBAKI / Houjicha is trusted and used by hundreds of our cafe and patisserie customers & clients worldwide.


  1. How do I know if TSUBAKI / Houjicha powder is suitable for me?

TSUBAKI / Houjicha powder is best used for Houjicha teas, lattes, smoothies, baking pastries and desserts. If you are a Houjicha latte lover, coffee drinker or a homebaker, TSUBAKI / Houjicha will be perfect for you!


  1. How many cups of Houjicha tea can I make?

You can make approximately 250 cups of Houjicha tea or 125 cups of Houjicha latte with TSUBAKI / Houjicha.