TSUBAKI / HOUJICHA Powder – 500g


Artisan Roasted Green Tea Powder

Roasted green tea for the non-caffeine drinker. Artisan roasting technique get rids of caffeine in green tea leaving a roasty and smokey flavour, perfect for a coffee substitute.

TSUBAKI / Houjicha Powder simply makes the best Houjicha Latte, pastries and desserts.

Trusted and used by hundreds of our cafe and patisserie customers & clients worldwide.

‘Proven baristas’ and patisserie’s No.1 choice.’

Best For

Any Houjicha Beverage

Taste Profile



Roasty Aroma


Client Reviews



“It has a beautiful aroma and flavour and is extremely versatile”   –   Jessica Ting, Miss Shortcakes



“Flavour just explodes in my mouth!”   –   Syaza, Masak-Masak (B.I.G)



“The smokiness of the product added a nice depth of flavour to the dessert.”   –   Shafinaz, Cake Jalan Tiung



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TSUBAKI / Houjicha tastes different from other Houjicha I’ve tried. Why is that?

Many of our customers say they love the “rich caramelly flavour, subtle umami and the roasty/smoky flavour” of TSUBAKI / Houjicha.

Our secret is actually in the unique roasting process of our green tea. We use a lower temperature, plus shorter roasting time to maintain all the natural, deep flavours in TSUBAKI / Houjicha (roasting green tea at high temperature for an extended period will end up killing the flavours, resulting in a burnt roasty flavour).

Does Houjicha contain caffeine?

TSUBAKI / Houjicha is a perfect alternative to coffee. Despite it having a roasty coffee flavour, it actually contains very low amounts of caffeine due to the special roasting process of green tea leaves. If you are sensitive to caffeine, try drinking TSUBAKI / Houjicha!

How many cups of Houjicha should I drink a day?

It is recommended to drink not more than 3 cups a day.


Can I use TSUBAKI / Houjicha in baking?

Of course! We recommend you to use TSUBAKI / Houjicha in any of your desserts or pastries. TSUBAKI / Houjicha is trusted and used by hundreds of our cafe and patisserie customers & clients worldwide.