THE ESSENTIAL BOX / Purple Bamboo Edition (SOLD OUT)


THE ESSENTIAL BOX / Purple Bamboo Edition

The ultimate Tea Ceremony set that allows you to brew authentic stone-grounded Matcha the traditional way.



Matcha Powder (30g)
ASAGAO / Exotic Purple Bamboo Chasen Whisk
SUMIRE / Exotic Purple Bamboo Chashaku Scoop
in our Exclusive The Essential Box

Select one matcha:
KIKU / Matcha Powder (30g)
REN / Matcha Powder (30g)


Client Reviews



“vibrantly green and jam packed with umami, both signs of the best quality matcha.”   –   Xingweird



 “REN the umami-ness is absolute on point 10/10.”   –   Shiman Sim



““I drink KIKU almost everyday … So, now it’s my everyday essential.”    –  Shyuewa




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Click on the Matcha Series Guide below for full description of each Matcha powder:




How can I tell if it’s high quality Matcha powder?

High quality Matcha powder will have a vibrant green colour, while low quality Matcha has a dull yellowish colour. Any Matcha powder that you purchase from us is always guaranteed to be the highest quality Matcha powder you can get in the market.

Does Matcha contain caffeine?

Matcha generally contains one-third the amount of caffeine in coffee. For those who are looking for alternatives to coffee with less caffeine, try drinking matcha!

How many cups of Matcha should I drink a day?

It is recommended to drink not more than 3 cups a day.

Can I use a spoon to mix?

It is not recommend to use a spoon as matcha powder will not be mixed evenly. To ensure the matcha powder is completely mixed evenly in the liquid, please use the proper tea tools such as a bamboo whisk or electric mixer.