MOKUREN / Genmaicha Powder – 500G


Artisan Shaded Green Tea & Roasted Brown Rice Powder

MOKUREN / Genmaicha Powder is a specially composed blend of our signature artisan Kabusecha (shaded green tea) with roasted brown rice, finely stone-ground into delicate powder.

Experience 2 Flavours in 1 with its unique rice-crackerish aroma with lingering Matcha aftertaste. Best use for various Genmaicha beverages (latte, cold brew, cocktail, etc.), desserts and pastries.

‘Proven baristas’ and patisserie’s No.1 choice.’

Best For

Any Genmaicha Beverage

Taste Profile


Rice Crackerish Note


Umami Savoriness

Client Reviews



“this beats all the ones Ive tried in KL, Penang and London. Highly recommend.”  –   Ilmira Murni‎



“I would give them 10/10, the fragrance of the tea is so aromatic.”  –   Monica Wee



“The roasted rice flavor…it was AMAZING!”  –   Lynette Lee Yuen Ching



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East Malaysia: RM14
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What is the difference between Matcha and Genmaicha?

 Matcha is pure green tea in powdered form, whereas Genmaicha is a combination of green tea and roasted brown rice ground into powder form. Hence, Genmaicha has a rice crackerish aroma and taste, combined with a lingering Matcha aftertaste.


Does Genmaicha contain caffeine?

Matcha generally contains one-third less caffeine that coffee, which is why Genmaicha is a suitable coffee alternative. For those who are looking for a morning latte alternative with less caffeine, try drinking MOKUREN / Genmaicha!


How many cups of Genmaicha should I drink a day?

It is recommended to drink not more than 3 cups a day.


Can I use MOKUREN / Genmaicha in baking?

Of course! We recommend you to use MOKUREN / Genmaicha in any of your desserts or pastries. MOKUREN / Genmaicha is trusted and used by hundreds of our cafe and patisserie customers & clients worldwide.