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Fully handcrafted from a single piece of high quality Golden Bamboo by a craftsman, our Chasen plays a crucial role for preparation of perfect Matcha tea.

Importance of Chasen when brewing Matcha Tea:

  • Making sure Matcha powder to mix evenly with water in most ideal manner and enhance richness of Matcha Tea.
  • Helps forming delightful crema/foam on top of the Matcha tea.
  • Ensures no clumps left after whisking.

Spec Rating:
Durability: 10/10
Prong Flexibility: 7/10
Easiness in creating foam: 7/10

Number of prongs: 100

Care Notes:
Rinse under running water and gently clean the prongs by hand after each use. Patted dry with paper towel and leave in open air.

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